Selasa, 10 Ogos 2010

It sounds pathetic?

Whenever I need someone to talk to, but there is no one to listen me, yeah. Thanks to this technology. Blogging is the only way to express my feeling. Sounds sad, huh?

I was in stress lately. People in the lab are giving me more and more jobs and 'willingly' to blame me for the things done late. There are few technical things to be done in these two weeks and I was also busy completing my progress report a.k.a proposal a.k.a chapter 1 draft.

And, in the same time some of my collegue also have to sumbit the report, but with no other jobs waiting!!!.. The worse part is, they are paid the same salary as me. But with no job scope. Their job only have to complete their master. Well, maybe for them, the salary is something that we can cal as scholarship. No such thing like salary is payment for our services...

Every time I asked them to help me, they always used it as an excuse why they do not progressing in their master. Can you imagine this happen to me, and I have to 'makan hati' everdays. No one wants to listen to and yet, everytime I tried to explain, they responds it like I'm giving excuses...

Ok..ok..bukan nak mengutuk dan berkira.. Tapi, part kena blame selalu lepas struggle for everyting, buat aku tertekan. It make me feel so useless. Haih, what to do. Just face it lah!

Everyone is writting about Ramadhan thing and something happy in their blog, but me, only sadness, stressful, burden and broken heart.

Hope this Ramadhan, I gain more strength and more patient.

Insya Allah.

I changed my wall paper for celebrating this coming Ramadhan!

Yeah, I know. Look girlish, rite? This is what I used from the past 3 months. hehe..

Ok, here our new wall paper!

May this Ramadhan, will be better than last year. Insya Allah.

Wrote here,
Tmn Tun Sardon, Penang.

p/s: This is the only reason y I'm not too interested with convocation stuff. Because, the more challenging and harder life awaits. Real life. They are so cruel. Memang dah jadi tebiat aku bebel dalam belog.owh!

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