Isnin, 14 September 2009


I’m not so music lover. I always judge the song by its lyric. But still, I listen and suddenly love the songs at the first place(not usually happen), before I slowly read the lyric. And, most of the times I like to hear only the music rather songs especially when completing my assignments during my study days. Soothing and relaxing music are my preferable.

I found an interesting song when I go through a forwarded email asking me to watch a video from Youtube. Watch out!

Then, I found that the video was a response to Michael Jackson’s “They don’t care about us” (2002). The main point here was not to the singer, as I'm not his fan. But just want to share the lyric. Who are "They" refer to?

??: Who is that Martin Luther?

A: Remember the Protestan Reformation? He was the one who initiates it. He believed that the salvation is not from good works, but a free gift of God. His claim disputed the believe of freedom from God's punishment of sin could be purchased by money. (History, Form 5)

But, he is not the person in the song. It was Martin Luther King Jr. Received the nobel peace prize because of his fight in civil rights in US.

??: Who is Roosevelt?

A: Never heard the name before? Wanna know? Google lah! (hehe)

p/s: So, will this song filling spaces in my MP3? YES, OF COURSE!!

(Hari ni rajin berspeaking-smoking la pulak..)

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