Jumaat, 26 Februari 2010


In past 10 years, what would you answer for what-is-your-hobby question?

I'm so sure for some typical answers like reading, watching movies, collecting stamps etc..

But now, what it would be? And I found one! You-Tubing.

I think that I'm addicting into it too. Wohoo!! I found a lot of funny, silly movies that makes me happy [makes or made?]. I always wonder before, how people can stuck in front of their lappy because of this you tube.

Some more, all these videos made by people worldwide, help me a lot in my English. I always wonder how my English would be, if I'm not practicing since I'll having more reading n writing in English for master's days (although I know the style of language will be different).

I'd started with Happy Slip (I'd embedded it in this blog b4), her friend Kevin (KevJumba)-[I think he is cute] -and now I've a lot of other names who constantly uploading their videos there.

I don't care what you're going to say about me, but I think that this video's idea was creative and awesome!

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