Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009


I'm calming myself.

Have a 'short' miting just now with Prof Rosnah, Prof Raja , Dr Jennifer and 3 other RAs.

What can I say after three hours miting, we are wasting time discussing, when 'he' suddenly come with some ridiculous conclusion. Because of his laziness retrieve the data manually, y must keep blame people in the past who kick in the data?

Complaining as he is just the one who have overload work waiting to be done. Haiyak... Me also, maa..I am the OCRCC staff, and the same time to help on some task in CRYSTAL. Yet, have my own project grant to fight on. Multitask also, leh. Then, in the same time have to help on your project. Aiyoyo..Please lah. Don't get people around get mess because of you.

Work as a researcher gain a lot of sacrifice, patient, and work hard. Have to tell that also, huh?


dah2. biru mata aku satg.

Aku tak marah benornya...Kalau ada peluang aku nak bebel pada orang yang berkenaan depan-depan...

Aku ada banyak kerja nak buat. Tapi, aku tengah malas. Ada ke patut..

Oh, insaf lah. Siapkan segera proposal mu itu.. Argh, di mana mood itu telah hilang.

Ku mencari2..

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