Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Life is getting hard.


Blog ni dah jadi tempat aku share my thoughts, my "hardness" in life, my dreams and also a place for me to dump every unplease feel.

I dont how, but somehow it is a way to reduce stress.

Life is getting hard. Suddenly I realized times ahead will never be easy. And, to be frank I have a big fear with it.

We as human dont even know what will our life ends with. To be motivate, we are encourage to struggle as hell to benefit others. And that was, I learn here.

I know what I need is PATIENCE.

Put all faith in Allah. I will never think the past and only want to move on.

And, perhaps, like what my senior in lab said,


can be applied.

2 ulasan:

Merentas Horizon berkata...

ya.. hati menangis!!

belajar manage your stress dear, nanti jatuh sakit susah pulak. sndiri di tanah utara tu kan..

mkn jgn tinggal. diet mesti teratur, bdn da tua ni senang dpt penyakit.


... berkata...

wa sensitip la bila da tua2 ni.apa pun, wa harus tabah!