Sabtu, 9 Julai 2011

why we must get involve?

Today, 9 July 2011, I was here, in Seremban, enjoying the gloomy, cloudy morning. My mom have to go for school, cause every teacher had to. Aha, absolutely they got a letter to have school on Saturday not to make any of them go to BERSIH.

Leave me alone with my father arguing about who's going to take turn kacau-sambal-mak-nak-buat-rencah-tomyam-kalau-tak-nanti-hangit that she left behind.

But, the news in malaysiakini now updating with 236 people arrested really catch my attention.

The question in my mind now is, Why we must get involved?

I think the video below, gives the answer why we must involve.
It depends to everyone, but, i think, to involve with a VOTE is a MUST.

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