Jumaat, 24 September 2010

Bebel sorang-sorang

It was a cruel world outside there, i guess.

It is when a fresh graduate applying for a job. And, proudly show the degree's with good CGPA. But, the interviewer ask,

" Why you did so bad in SPM? I mean that, because we cannot accept this among our employee,"


If that so, why don't you have a check on the PMR's result too.

People should have a second chance, right? I mean, teenagers always got stuck with wrong decision. Maybe by some lovey-dovey stuff....

I'm sick watching parents spent a lots of money for their kid's tution fee. Making them perfect kids by getting straight A's in exam.

Its a matter of quality vs quantity.

I've met a lot of people who did excellent in their school, but failed to cope in getting degree.

I've also met people with good CGPA, but not really success in their carrier. I'm not saying I'm on the top right now, in fact I still have a doubt on my ability to finish this degree and giving up, and jual the kerepek.

Then, I think it is all about how you surviving your life. And making decision.

Pray always!

Owh, wait. This is cute...

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